Our Competitive Advantage

We never stop raising expectations.

Strategic advisory consultation

Hamptons Group creates outstanding long-term value and success for our investors, clients, and team members through principled investment, deployment, and stewardship of financial, intellectual, and relational capital, and collaborative, visionary, and expert advice, management, and consultation. We have developed a formula for success that brings our full platform of experience, talent, and resources to every interaction and transaction. The combination of our expertise, insights, and effectiveness allows us to maintain our competitive advantage and partner with great people and entities to build better businesses, solve high-impact issues, and create great value and impact.

Our principles are unwavering, and our business thesis is proven.

We believe our values, people, and business thesis are the core of our competitive advantage. We are committed to exceptional business practices that fuel superlative outcomes, stakeholder and marketplace trust, and commercial and community success. In our private capital activity, we apply our expertise, insights, financial and intellectual capital to work closely with business owners, founders, and management to develop and improve great businesses. In our real estate activity, we deploy our capital and resources to partner with developers and others to build, finance, and support outstanding projects. In our strategic consultancy, we apply our wisdom, experience, and relational and social capital to achieve game-changing results and mitigate high-impact challenges.

Our team is exceptional.

We have built a team of outstanding professionals with vast experience, wisdom, expertise, and networks to drive value and returns in our investments and businesses and provide unsurpassed value and results to our consultancy engagements. We believe in collective intelligence and collaborative wisdom. They are a powerful tool to forge opportunities where others do not and to find creative solutions and drive growth where others cannot.

We leverage all our resources.

We leverage the full complement of our shared platform to capture opportunities in our business segments and strategic areas of focus. Rather than strict silos, we often cross-pollinate our financial, intellectual, and social capital across business lines to provide, develop, and optimize new value opportunities for our investors, businesses, and clients. From employing a consulting-based approach in our private capital investment, real estate investment, and finance segments to deploying financial capital to invest where appropriate with our strategic advisory clients, we build, develop, and support great businesses and projects.

We think globally and act locally.

Hamptons Group is a trusted partner to private and public businesses and entities worldwide, and our unique capabilities are considered an important strategic advantage to our investors and clients. Creating opportunities and realizing the full potential of an investment often require expanding boundaries and looking beyond borders. We provide access to diversified investment opportunities across the assets value chain globally. Our platform and extensive network of relationships in local markets allow for coordinated deal generation across multiple sectors, industries, and geographies.

We are continually innovating.

We are forward-thinking problem solvers who thrive on addressing intractable issues and taking investments and projects from idea to implementation and beyond. Our firm uses the best of technology, processes, and design thinking, and we work with cutting-edge companies to serve our people, partners, companies, and clients. Our creative, entrepreneurial approach and action orientation empower our team members to do remarkable work and allow us to effectively and efficiently utilize our skills and resources with agility and adaptability to positively impact all our businesses and stakeholders.

We create lasting impact beyond returns.

We seek to create long-term value and positive impact for our investors, the companies and projects in which we invest, the clients we advise and serve, and the communities in which we live and work. Across our businesses, Hamptons Group uses our knowledge, expertise, portfolio intelligence, and vast network to create opportunities, realize full potential, and deliver effective solutions and outcomes. Our success means the success of our investors, clients, people, and communities.

We serve our stakeholders first.

We prioritize our investors, partners, and clients’ goals, success, and interests first. Whether it be an investor seeking strong returns, a business seeking capital and partnership, a co-investor or borrower in real estate, or a client seeking to optimize a desired outcome for their business or community, we are servant leaders. It feels different to work with us because our mindset is unlike any other. We bring a fresh perspective, mutual trust, and positive energy to every investment, partner, and client relationship.

We relentlessly strive to do and be better in everything we do.

We are privileged to work with investors, partners, and clients who want to define their futures. Together, we have a bold ambition to change the shape of business and achieve extraordinary results that redefine excellence and outstanding business performance. We are perpetually innovative, complementing our capabilities to achieve better and more enduring results for our investors, partners, and clients.