Our Core Values and Principles

Our firm measures success not simply in financial terms but in how we work, what we undertake, and the positive impact we make.

Meeting about core values and principles

Our core values and principles at Hamptons Group are the building blocks of every investment we make, every asset we manage, every project we tackle, every problem we work to solve, and every relationship we forge. We do not measure success simply in financial terms: accomplishment and achievement first mean a commitment to who we are and what we stand for. Hamptons Group seeks to lead responsibly in business, as stewards of financial and social capital, and we strive to make a positive impact at every opportunity.

Our Core Values


Our forward-thinking approach helps pave the way for more constructive business practices. As business and community leaders, we see the bigger picture, serve as impactful stewards, and understand the impact of our actions.


We prize personal integrity, fortitude, and authenticity. We believe in acting with conviction, respect, and empathy with others, and we value strength and resilience as qualities that achieve more in the long term.


We have an energy and drive for results aligned with the success of our investors, businesses, and clients, and a commitment to the highest level of professionalism and ethical standards in everything we do.


Through our insight, resources, and extensive reach, we work to seek to see around corners, look beyond the horizon, and stay ahead in a rapidly changing world.


We leverage our experience, industry knowledge, and market awareness across our businesses to ensure we are delivering the best solutions to our companies, partners, projects, and clients.


We are innovative and resourceful thinkers attuned to the pulse of ever-changing markets, conditions, and situations. We believe every problem has a solution – and we find it with our team’s talents and resources.


We are resolute in pursuing the best opportunities and options, finding the most effective and productive way to support growth opportunities, and in doing so with perseverance and purpose the right way.


Our people are the core of our competitive advantage. The greatest outcomes result from great teams, as we direct our collective energy and talent toward achieving the extraordinary.


Beyond a diversified business platform, we embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives as we work, partner, and invest better. We constantly expand our range and challenge conventional thinking to enhance our performance.


What matters to our investors, partners, and clients matters most to us. Exceeding their expectations and forging their enduring goodwill are our top priority. We also firmly support the growth and success of our communities.


Value is a factual assessment of our worth as a firm. For us, it means the financial returns we deliver, the growth and positive impact of our businesses, the relationships we foster, and the intrinsic value of how we work and live.

Our Principles

We focus every day on:

  • Strong Value Creation and Asset Optimization
  • Strategic Mindset and Entrepreneurial Vision
  • Outstanding Talent, Resources, and Growth
  • Deep Intellectual Honesty and Candor 
  • Enduring, Trusting, and Exceptional Relationships
  • Seeking and Obtaining Competitive Advantage
  • Executing with Effectiveness and Excellence
  • Disciplined and Expertise Inquiry and Analysis
  • Combining Bold Thinking and Empirical Evidence
  • Strong, Tested, and Enduring Fundamentals
  • Relentless Pursuit of Opportunities
  • Transformational Outcomes and High-Impact Results
  • Success with Integrity, Ingenuity, and Tenacity
  • Best Practices in Management, Operations, and Finance
  • A Culture of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Empowerment, and Innovation
  • Supporting Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues
  • Promoting Fundamental Fairness and Social Justice
  • Leadership in Corporate Responsibility and Citizenship