Hamptons Group Capital

Private Equity

Value creation and lasting impact are at the center of everything we do.

Venture and Growth Capital

We partner with ambitious and innovative founders to accelerate their ideas to market.

Private Credit

We provide creative and compelling financing solutions that enhance borrower capabilities while capturing opportunities for our investors.

Impact Investing

We merge the best of business, talent, robust returns, and social and environmental impact.

We invest financial, intellectual, and social capital in people, companies, and assets in order to fuel superlative outcomes, stakeholder and marketplace trust, and commercial and community success. Because our private capital business line spans private equity, venture and growth capital, private credit, as well as select impacting investing, we seek to determine the best fit for the right opportunity in the small to middle-market company space.

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Tablet resting on laptop to represent the Hamptons Group capital investment portfolio

We believe good business and investment results are the product of strong vision, thinking, discernment, partnership, allocation, and execution. We employ an analytical, data-driven investment process, sophisticated legal and financial structures, and proactive asset management to entrepreneurial investments that possess a value-oriented investment thesis. Our objective is to create partnerships we believe offer uncommonly attractive absolute and risk-adjusted returns, and seek to preserve capital while maximizing returns and minimizing risk. We also leverage our strong consulting expertise to support and provide value-add to the companies in which we invest.

We employ our principles, expertise, and flexibility as to the appropriate range, structure, and criteria of most investments, whether they be equity or credit. Moreover, our experience, prudence, and resources allow us to be opportunistic in searching for attractive new deals and partnerships in the best and worst of economic times.

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