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Real Estate Finance

We partner with ambitious and innovative founders to accelerate their ideas
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Real Estate Asset Management

We provide creative and compelling financing solutions that enhance borrower capabilities while capturing opportunities for our investors.

Brokerage and Land Entitlement Services

We merge the best of business, talent, robust returns, and social
and environmental impact.

Hamptons Group Real Estate is our real estate investment, finance, asset management, and ancillary brokerage and land entitlement services platform. We invest in opportunistic and value-add real estate transactions on behalf of individual and institutional investors, applying our vision, market expertise, compelling analysis, thoughtful structuring, and effective execution. Our real estate debt business provides creative and comprehensive financing solutions across the capital structure and risk spectrum. We manage not only our own real estate assets but serve as an asset manager for joint-venture and third-party portfolios, where partners and investors look to us to analyze the performance of investments and identify areas of improvement and opportunities for portfolio growth.

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Aerial view of a real estate investment project.

The range of our experience includes multifamily, office, industrial, retail, hotel and hospitality, mixed use, institutional, special purpose, and raw land. We evaluate each project and each case to determine the best value-creation opportunity—whether it be traditional property purchase and sale of developed, operating assets; land banking; pursuing land use entitlements and other development approvals; property conversions; investing with developers on new projects; providing purchase money and other direct and syndicated financing; asset management and other real estate-related services for operating real estate assets; brokerage; and land use entitlement and real estate development consultancy.

We take an opportunistic view of the real estate landscape while limiting our risk exposure when deploying financial capital. We seek short and medium-duration equity and debt investments in real property that offer a compelling case for generating high absolute returns. We generally target investments in existing improved property, ground-up development, distressed real estate, raw land, and note purchases across nearly all real estate property types. Our view of the real estate landscape focuses on value investing. Often that means creating or unlocking real estate potential through a combination of land use entitlements, development approvals, and property improvements, management, leasing, and sales.

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Consistent with our firm’s values and principles, we are committed to environmentally and socially responsible investment and development in our real estate assets, transactions, and operations. We seek best-in-class features, technology, environmental sustainability, and world-class architecture and design in new projects and rehabilitation of improvements. We look for creative, flexible, innovative ways to infuse real property with integrity, sense of place, components, and features that exemplify the best aspects of today’s modern real estate world.

Our firm’s talent understands the motivators of market conditions, characteristics, and changes. We believe our experience and expertise with transactions, finance, management, and entitlements in real estate and development provide Hamptons Group a unique advantage when it comes to identifying smart opportunities and leveraging market conditions for optimum results.

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