Jeff Bartel

Chairman and Managing Director

Consumers want businesses to address climate change, racial injustice, and inequality.

CSR is a Duty for Good Businesses

For ethical firms, corporate social responsibility is crucial to the bottom line and is a duty.

Global consciousness afforded by news cycles and social media has created a role for businesses in times of war.

Sanctioning War Aggression

Today, companies are expected to take a leading role in imposing economic sanctions on aggressors.

Private Economic Sanctions

Businesses can punish aggressors by: – Refusing trade – Withholding supplies – Pressuring peers into     action

Helping Victims of Aggression

Companies can leverage capabilities and resources to help communities impacted by aggression.

CSR and Human Rights

CSR requires supporting human rights in the workplace with: – fair labor practices – equal opportunity employment – safe environments

Helping Communities

Corporate social responsibility means ensuring business processes promote positive results in the community.

Economic Rights

Economic rights should avoid unethical price gouging and provide avenues for success at all socioeconomic levels.

Corporate Social Responsibility During Disasters

In the wake of a disaster, CSR means assisting the community with donations.

Investing in Infrastructure

Businesses should invest in infrastructure to build community resilience for withstanding disasters.

CSR and Climate Change

Businesses should mitigate future disasters by investing in measures to reduce climate change.

Chairman and Managing Director

By Jeff Bartel

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Justice

Businesses must ensure hiring and management practices support social justice.

Committing Business Resources

Businesses should bring their own resources to bear on social justice issues for the community.

CSR and the Bottom Line

When it comes to the bottom line, CSR is a requirement because it creates strong customer relationships.

Chairman and Managing Director

By Jeff Bartel