Our Leadership

Jeff Bartel of Miami is the Chairman and Managing Director of the Hamptons Group.

Jeff Bartel

Chairman and Managing Director

Matthew Newman Chief Operating Officer of the Hamptons Group

Matthew Newman

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Sommer Vice President of Private Capital at the Hamptons Group

Paul Sommer

Vice President, Private Capital

Anthony Garcia Vice President of Real Estate Investment and Finance at the Hamptons Group

Anthony Garcia

Vice President, Real Estate Investment and Finance

James Wiley Vice President of Advisory Services at the Hamptons Group

James Wiley

Vice President, Advisory Services

Giovanni Piti Vice President of Global Investments at the Hamptons Group

Giovanni Piti

Vice President, Global Investments

Kathleen Caervantes Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at the Hamptons Group

Kathleen Cervantes

Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Richard Bonham Vice President of Finance and Accounting at the Hamptons Group

Richard Bonham

Vice President, Finance and Accounting